Karaganda archaeologists discovered an unusual burial structure. Unveiled mausoleum resembles a step pyramid. Of course, it is not the analogue of the Egyptian ones, but, as scientists say, the architecture is absolutely unique for the Kazakhstan’s steppes. The find dates back to about 14-12 century BC. The structure has the form of a regular square with each side of 15 meters. This five rows of walls are gradually rising to the center. Unfortunately, the burial was robbed in ancient period and severely damaged, the researchers note. Now the maximum wall height is 2 meters. The mausoleum is located 120 km away from Karaganda. Specialists of Archaeological Institute hold excavations. The study of the monument has only just begun and scientists have not yet reached the burial chamber itself. However, such a grand structure was likely constructed for the tribe leaders.




People that created it in the Black Sea region belonged to the tribe called the Cimmerians. We do not know how they called themselves. It is necessary to understand and find more monuments of this type. Thus, we will learn the roots   of the Mongoloid tribes and development of these territories in the late Bronze Age.


Photo: www.inform.kz

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