Power lines of Kazakhstan will be updated with domestic equipment. In Astana the first batch of vacuum switches widely used in electrical engineering has been released. Previously, they were delivered from South Korea. Since recently, they are produced in Kazakhstan. This immediately affected the cost. Kazakhstan’s vacuum circuit breakers are by one-third cheaper than imported. Askar Syzdykov, the head of a electrical plant, is going to become a regular customer of the company. His company is manufacturing products for electric room. Purchase of Kazakhstan's equipment will ultimately be beneficial to consumers.



Kazakhstan's manufacturer, which is located on the territory of Kazakhstan and offers these prices, is beneficial for us. The price difference is nearly 300,000 tenge. We will be happy to lower the cost of our products. I think it will be convenient for both the customer and the plant.


It is worth mentioning that Korean partners have given not only the exclusive right to manufacture, but also trained the personnel. Switches of national production are not inferior to foreign analogues, experts say.



There is no any difference between assembling of our national specialists and South Korean colleagues, because all the component parts are from South Korea. In some cases, we have started to give them demands, which should correspond to us, post – Soviet countries that are not provided in energy system of Asian countries.


90 sets of vacuum circuit breakers were produced by the company. It’s planned to expand the production and the interest in product in growing up. Companies from Karaganda, Pavlodar, Ekibastuz, Kokshetau, Almaty and Astana have already left their applications for its acquisition. 

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