A new residential complex is being built in Shymkent as part of public-private partnership. The first five houses with 495 apartments will be commissioned in November this year. Construction materials manufactured in South Kazakhstan region are used on site. The only exceptions are boilers. They are produced in Germany and will be installed in each apartment. Working together is beneficial for both the state and entrepreneurs, they say. Business gets a reliable partner and the necessary funds, and the state gets the qualitative and expensive housing. In general, 1112 apartments will be built here; this is about 98,000 square meters of housing.


Construction of new microdistrict underway in Turkistan


It is planned to provide all 3,000 people on the waiting line with housing until 2020 in Turkestan. The construction of a new residential complex was launched for this purpose. Construction of the first two buildings with sixty apartments each as part of "Affordable housing" program will be completed by September. The Mayor’s office said that this year 120 families will receive the new apartments including orphans, the poor and large families, and civil servants.




It is planned to construct 8 houses next year, two this year and in total 97 residential buildings.


Authorities have promised to build houses and let in new tenants in the next five years. That's how much time it would take to create a new residential complex.


Photo: primamedia.ru

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