Local doctors are starting to learn the English language on the eve of the Universiade. This is done to make doctors be able to perform first aid if needed on foreign visitors and participants of sports competitions that will be held in Almaty next winter. Medical University of Kazakhstan School of Public Health has presented the unique program for doctors’ training. 40 out of 100 experienced doctors with basic knowledge of English language have passed the selection and will acquire Medical English language skills up to advanced level until the end of this year. Another selection criterion was to have at least one English-speaking doctor in every medical institution. The training is funded not from the state budget but by sponsors. Doctors will have to start speaking fluent English by the end of December. First Universiade participants will come to Almaty in January. It is expected that the event will be attended by young athletes from 64 countries. And according to the most conservative estimate, at least 30,000 foreign visitors will arrive in the city.


Photo: www.tomsk.ru

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