Children with disabilities are receiving aid of riding treat. Parents of children with cerebral palsy were trained that their children could sit on a horse in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Sports coaches for hippotherapy shared their skills, so that Aktobe children are able to restore their health in the youth school.




We are engaged in the rehabilitation of our daughter for two years without losing the hope of recovery. And we began to come here since the spring. Zhanerke is looking forward to these lessons and is very happy when we come here. I also can see the results, she began sleep well and, as doctor says, her motor skills are developing better.


There are more than 600 children with cerebral palsy in the Aktobe region. At the moment, 12 children are riding for rehabilitation and, another 120 are already  in the queue.





The work with sick children requires a lot of responsibility. I understand all this and, try to find individual attention for each child. There are many parents who are turning to us, but we cannot treat all at once. So far, we have only three horses.


In the future, the coaches are going to continue to gain knowledge in Moscow. Moreover, it is planned to build the whole basis for children with disabilities, including an indoor arena for practicing the hippotherapy in the Nur-Aktobe district.



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