The President of Kazakhstan paid an official visit to Turkey. Nursultan Nazarbayev negotiated with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The two Parties exchanged view on topical issues of international and regional agendas. In particular, they talked about the Russian – Turkish relations, which are become available due to efforts of Kazakhstan.




Nursultan Nazarbayev is a recognized political leader on the world stage - it's a fact, and a skilled strategist. It is the merit of your country that Russia and Turkey agreed for a dialogue. And it is very important to us. The process between the two countries - Russia and Turkey improved. We had a long pause. I would not say that after that our relationship will become closer than they have been before. But they will return to their former positions. And this is important not only for the countries themselves, but also in the regional level.


Another issue on the agenda is the fight against terrorism. For Turkey, in recent times, this problem is particularly acute. The Presidents of Kazakhstan and Turkey also discussed economic issues. Over the last year the trade turnover between the two countries declined. Unstable political situation and the terrorist attacks in Turkey affected it negatively. Kazakhstan exports to Turkey raw materials: oil, metals. In turn, Turkey sends to Kazakhstan construction materials, textiles, food products, car parts. Turkish investors prefer Kazakhstan market for conditions that are created by the state. As a result, over $1 billion was invested in the economy of Kazakhstan for the year.


Trade turnover between turkey and Kazakhstan to reach $10 billion


Following the meeting, the Heads of State held a joint briefing for media representatives. The Parties agreed to increase mutual trade turnover up to $10 billion. There are 20 investments projects totaling more than $800 million.




We have reached certain agreements in important issues such as trade relations and investments for both countries. Turkey is an important strategic partner for us. Kazakhstan is working a lot and fruitful with Turkish companies. At this time more than 1600 companies with Turkish capital operate in our country. Turkish businesses are actively involved in the construction of our capital city. And we need to further expand our cooperation




I and the Turkish people express gratitude to Kazakhstan and Kazakh President in the context of our relations with Russia. We spoke a few times on this issue. And just in a few days I will meet with Vladimir Putin. Participation of Kazakhstan in resolving this issue is truly significant. Turkish people in my face express their appreciation to you.



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