Kazakhstan has started production of a unique construction material — simprolit polystyrene concrete. Houses built with its use, experts say, will serve for many years and will perfectly withstand the local climate. In addition, the material does not burn and does not absorb water. Kazakh manufacturer that bought the patent for the production of simprolit, is confident that soon houses will be constructed with this technology.




If the water gets under the roof and will be there for a month, it will not destroy the building. The walls dry quickly. They do not absorb moisture. This is especially convenient to use where there is a threat of flooding.


Another property of the material is its amazing lightness. This property, builders say, is very advantageous in earthquake-prone regions. Houses can withstand even a very strong earthquake. These qualities raise interest to the product. Since the launch of production, the plant has already manufactured 10 thousand cubic meters of simprolit.


Photo: beybitblog.ru

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