The Public Council of Astana proposed to reduce the parking fees three times. According to the members of the Council the prices will bite some drivers. Car owners who work in buildings located close to parking will suffer the most financial losses. It is expected that the price of one hour of parking will be to 150 tenge. Therefore, the cost for 8 hours will be 1200 tenge. According to the Chairman of the Public Council of Astana, Sansyzbai Yessilov it is very expensive. The first paid parking will be located along the boulevard Nur Zhol, on the Left bank of Astana, where there are the largest administrative building and houses.




We have made suggestions. Let’s not start the pilot project from 150 tenge. The cost for parking is about 100 tenge in Almaty. Let’s start from 50 tenge or 100 tenge. It’s necessary to organize the reduced payments who work at the state authorities.


Entry to Astana to become paid


Next year the entry to the city will also be paid. Currently, the laws are being developed. Thus, local authorities hope to unload the traffic off the capital’s streets. The paid entry to Astana will be implemented in the following routes: Astana-Karaganda, Astana–Kostanay, Astana–Pavlodar, Astana–Kosshy, Astana–Korgalzhyn and Astana–Kokshetau. This initiative was previously discussed at the meeting of Public Council in May.


Tariff zones for suburban routes introduced


On July 30, the tariff zone for suburban routes will be introduced in Astana. This is the first preparatory stage for the introduction of an electronic fare collection system. The suburban area of the capital is divided into four tariff zones. The length of each of them is up to 15 km. The cost ranges from 90 to 400 tenge. The price depends on where the passenger is located. By the way, there were 84 tariffs, which greatly complicated the work of carriers and passengers. Now the number has decreased to 5.



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