By 2017, buses assembled in Kazakhstan will be launched in Astana. Kazakhstan sets up production of modern passenger transport of IVECO brand. The first batch of domestically assembled buses has been successfully tested. 200 buses will join the bus fleet of Astana ahead of the Expo 2017. Meanwhile, the capital’s bus fleet will be completely renewed by 2020. The city mayor’s office plans to purchase more than 580 buses. Local buses will cost is 15% cheaper than the imported ones. In addition, the city authorities are developing a modern fare collection system Astra Plat for public passenger transport.




The system is convenient for the passengers, because they do not need to have cash with themselves. There are many useful and cost-effective tariffs for passengers, which they can use at their convenience. In particular, free change of transport within 60 minutes. That is, if a passenger takes an urban or suburban route, in the next 60 minutes he can get off a bus, and take a different bus in the city for free.


Development of transport system discussed at public hearings


The development prospects of Astana transport system were discussed at public hearings in the city mayor’s office Wednesday. Anyone could attend the meeting to discuss the introduction of paid parking and development of roads. Public opinions will be taken into account in further implementation of these projects.



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