Starting from September 1, new changes in education system will come into force in Kazakhstan. In many ways these changes will affect the first grade students. In particular, school students will switch to a five-day academic week. According to Astana education department, schedules will include exceed more than five lessons per day. New subjects, including natural science, arts and crafts lesson, will be introduced in the school curriculum starting from 5th grade. According to the city education department, Astana school students will be provided free textbooks.




School students of Astana will have all the textbooks. The class tutors wi8ll start distributing them among students starting from August 10. We have bought all the books. There is no need to stand in line for buying them. In Astana, all 129,000 pupils will be provided with the textbooks. Additional materials will be bought by parents on their own.


Introduction of a single school uniform has been postponed. According to experts, this issue requires a more thorough approach. The Ministry of Education is planning to establish a special council, which will consider this issue.



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