President of Kazakhstan accepted the Mayor of Almaty in his Almaty residence. Bauyrzhan Baibek reported to Nursultan Nazarbayev on the socio-economic development dynamics of the city and, the implementation progress of the key government programs. The Head of the State drew the mayor’s attention to the need of taking appropriate measures to enhance the welfare of the city’s population, create new jobs, ensure timely construction and open the necessary social facilities. Moreover, the Kazakh President noted the importance of the events to be held in Almaty to mark the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence.




Almaty is the largest city of our country. All the national level changes are reflected in the city’s development and visible to the public. We are celebrating 1,000th anniversary of the city this year and preparing for the Winter Universiade to be held in 2017. These are major public events and, it’s necessary to work hard on their execution. Moreover, necessary preparations need to be taken for the autumn–winter period. I also made a number of instructions during the last meeting. So, you should monitor them thorough their implementation.



According to your instructions, we are working on creating new jobs  and improving  people’s welfare. In particular, we have eliminated 90% of public debt. There are only 12 companies with public debt totaling 12 million tenge. In general, the volume of refinancing of mortgage loans from banks has increased by 45%. We have created a commission that works separately with banks. According to your instructions, within the framework of the state programs and state aid, funds were allocated to create 15,000 new jobs. In addition, we have allocated 13 million tenge from the local budget to help create 5,000 more jobs. The city projects on landscaping and cleaning of streets are creating more jobs. In accordance with your instructions, we are working with the businesses to create more and more public- private partnerships. A cooperation memorandum worth 40 billion tenge was signed today. It includes cooperation on construction and management of 30 kindergartens, 4 schools, a hospital and other social facilities.  


Photo: tengrinews

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