Kazakhstan and Italy are ready to exchange for training experience. Medical University of Astana and one of the oldest European universities La Sapienza have signed a Memorandum on strategic partnership. The Parties agreed to jointly develop the scientific contacts, as well as exchanging of students and teachers. Cardiology, oncology, traumatology, motherhood and childhood are the priority areas in the medical training. Particular emphasis is also made for neurology, for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Meanwhile, both Parties have agreed to cooperate in the field of modernization of corporate governance.




It means the quality management, financing of institution, as well as scientific and clinical activities. It helps to develop a university clinic and subsidiaries and our clinical database. So that our scientists will be able to take part in various international research projects and granting projects.




I am very pleased that the Medical University of Astana has become the partner of La Sapienza. Cooperation between the two universities was transferred to a new level. Italian expert team plans to evaluate the educational programs of the University and offer our approaches to medical training. 


Photo: stab.kz

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