Due to the comprehensive modernization of production Aktau Enterprise ‘KazAzot’ increased the volume of exports threefold. It was available within the state program of industrial and innovative development. 56 billion tenge was allocated to improve the plant. More than 70% of necessary funds were allocated from the Development Bank of Kazakhstan. Due to this support, the company was able not only to buy necessary equipment and acquire its own gas field Shagyrly-Shomyshty, but also to build their own gas piston power plant. It will help to significantly save on electricity. Granulation tower for the production of mineral fertilizers will appear due to the modernization of the plant.



Natural gas is the main raw material. Ammonia is the main product that we get here. The process is very complicated and difficult. All employees are very qualified and are university graduates.


It is planned to distribute 60% of production to provide the domestic market, and other 40% to export to Belarus, Ukraine, Turkmenistan and other CIS countries. Almost 83 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate is planned to be export to overseas markets.


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