The first in Kazakhstan production of polymer film is preparing to enter the market of the Central Asian states. An Atyrau plant, which was built in the framework of the Industrialization Map on the territory of the special economic zone in the near future, will become part of the National Industrial Petrochemical Technology Park. The bulk of production is accounted for biaxially oriented film. Almost all the packaging in the food industry and light industry is produced from this film. The plant's capacity totals 110 million kilometers per year.


In addition, the factory produces polyethylene film in the amount of more than 4,000 tons and 48 million pieces of polypropylene bags annually. The equipment in the enterprise is the most modern; the staff consists of local specialists.



Our film materials fully comply with ones from Russia and EU states. Of course, work on such equipment requires high skills and good knowledge. And not without reason the average age of employees is approximately 25 years and nearly 80% of employees are people with higher education.



Our goal is to provide industrial enterprises with quality, technologically advanced and safe products for health, and the skills to combine incompatible, to find nonstandard and effective methods to address the current challenges, to offer the best options for the implementation of projects under specified conditions. I want to contribute to the development of the chemical industry to transforming it into one of the leading sectors of Kazakhstan’s economy.


It is planned to produce raw materials for the project in the integrated chemical complex in the future, which construction had already begun.



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