In Kazakhstan the threat of terrorism remains, the director of the Kazakhstan institute of strategic researches under the President of Kazakhstan Erlan Karin considers. He has shared such opinion at the briefing in CCS today, correspondent reports.


The latest tragic events which have taken place Almaty according to the political scientist, is a huge lesson for society and the state, and also an occasion to combine our efforts in the solution of problems of counteraction to terrorist threats. 

"Being focused on possible attacks of the terrorist organizations from the outside, in the region of Central Asia, it seems to me, we have underestimated extent of the threat proceeding from within from the so-called "sleeping" cells. Underestimation of this threat, seems to me, still affects the general situation of underestimation at the level of the state and society. After the events in 2011, 2012 all quickly somehow have calmed down. The taken place events were regarded as a single surges in radicalism," Karin said.

According to Karin, the state and society should be adjusted on long fight by threat of terrorism, reports.





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