As some refer to it the “pearl” of Kazakhstan’s tourism, the Alakol Lake, is breaking all records this season. The lake is considered by some as one of the most beautiful ones in Kazakhstan. In addition, it is known for its healing features. Anyone willing to better their health travels to Alakol every year. Entrepreneurs are investing in the development of domestic tourism and are opening new resorts and developing infrastructure. The conveniences are improving each year. More often than not, Kazakh citizens prefer local tourist destinations to travelling abroad.



For us picking the destination for vacationing was a lengthy process and finally we chose Alakol. We heard about the therapeutic properties of the lake and now, here we are. We liked it very much. The beach is wonderful here. The lake is warm and there is a lot of mud with curing properties.


Up to 250,000 tourists visit Alakol in one season. The local authorities believe that a better infrastructure will attract more people.





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