Employment Roadmap-2020 state program is set to provide jobs to 417,000 Kazakhstanis until the end of the year. According to the Vice Minister of Health and Social Development Birzhan Nurymbetov, 225,000 people have already been recruited. At present, the country is implementing 600 infrastructure projects that have created at least 9,000 jobs. Another direction of the roadmap is the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas. Thus, about 3,000 people received micro loans. Mr. Nurymbetov also stressed that mechanisms for subsidizing part of the salary for reduced working hours have been introduced to save the jobs. In addition, grants were provided for the staff training.




The budget of the Road Map state program is about 100 billion tenge. Young people and women are prioritized in providing jobs by the Employment Road map. The proportion of women is 46% and 46% of young people.


Kazakhstan to support families moving to underdeveloped regions


Meanwhile, as part of the state program, The Government proposes to encourage families moving to regions that experience shortage of specialists. According to the agency, perhaps 55% of the population will be living in the southern part of the country in 2050. And to prevent overpopulation, the authorities intend to reimburse the cost of travel to a new place of residence at the rate of 50 MCI for the head of the family, and 35 - for each member.


Photo: dkz.mzsr.gov.kz

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