The mobile application for security of EXPO visitors will be developed in Kazakhstan. It will provide foreign visitors with information of the route to the fairgrounds, hotline numbers, police, ambulances and taxis. Meanwhile, the Attorney General proposed to limit the entry of non-resident vehicles in Astana noting that such high level events cannot be organized without reasonable restrictions. According to the head of the supervisory authority, volunteers could be helpful in ensuring security.



Let's ask former employees of law enforcement agencies, firefighters, rescue workers, those who served in the army to become security volunteers. So the expression of active citizenship became meaningful. Let’s distribute memos of how to protect themselves, family members and neighbors from crime and provocations. Such instruction leaflets have been spread during Beijing Olympics. There were 40 ways of action


Much attention will be paid to anti-terrorism and security measures at the upcoming event. The special Commission for a thorough examination of "EXPO" objects for the presence of explosives and radioactive components operates has already started its work.


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