Large-scale logistics project light rail services will be launched in Astana in August 2018. Now the construction is underway at 8 stations out of 18. The road is being expanded, engineering networks are being laid. Preliminary works before the construction are almost completed. Design of wagons has been approved. They are already being assembled abroad. According to the developers, the new type of transport is considered one of the safest and environmentally friendly and also very spacious. If a normal bus can carry up to 120 people one wagon of light rail can carry up to 650.




Modern technology will be used. That is, for the convenience of the citizens, the transport will be equipped with air conditioning, video cameras, fire safety; everything will be done according to international standards. All stations are equipped with escalators and lifts.


The project cost 19 billion tenge. Total construction work involved 7,500 people. It is also expected that the LRT will be driven machinists for the first 2 or 3 years and after that it will fully switch to automatic mode.




LRT’s average speed will be 41 kilometers per hour. Maximum speed is 80 km per hour. The traveling time from the airport to the train station, according to our calculations, is about 40 minutes maximum. The transport will run every 4 minutes. There is no other transport at a height of 8 to 12 meters therefore it will run according to the schedule and without any delay.


The total length of the line will be about 22 and half kilometers. Elevated road will link Astana airport, EXPO town, the complex "Abu Dhabi Plaza" and the new railway station. According to forecasts, the LRT system will reduce traffic load in the capital city and will allow passengers to get to their destination safely and quickly.



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