The representatives of the U.S. business community noted that Kazakhstan's way of development in this global economic slowdown proved to be reliable and consistent. According to foreign experts, Kazakhstan reasonably invests in infrastructure projects, conducts correct tax policy, and seeks further economic integration within Eurasia.




I’ve been fortune have been coming to Kazakhstan since 1993. I’ve seen your 2020 plan, your 2030 plan and now your 2050 plan. So, you have a vision and you have concrete steps now. It is how you take a vision and make a reality. The ultimate price of 2050 is having Kazakhstan be one of the top thirty of the world’s most prosperous and wealthy countries. And that is not just an economic statistics. One of the reasons I love and why I keep coming back to Kazakhstan is because I believe this is a remarkable place and you are continuing to strive for better things. Kazakhstan recognizes it's ongoing process, you must continue to innovate, you must continue to reform. And you must continue to compete to succeed in the global economy. And that is what you are doing. You are setting a plan and then after a period of time you adjusting a plan but you’ve got a vision of your past and that would be a pass to prosperity for Kazakh people as it has been since independence in 1991. 



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