Astana was a big construction site 13 years ago. Son of a renowned Italian architect Luca Nicoletti paid his first visit to Astana back in 2003 to participate in the international competition on projecting a new concert hall. Now, Astana looks completely different, Luca says. The youngest capital of the world has grown and flourished over the past ten years.




Now this city is full of life and full of people. I saw people standing at the bus stop, walking and they are interested in events taking place in Astana. The city has changed completely.


Partners and friends from Italy are also noting the importance of the decisions taken in Astana. Election of Kazakhstan for a non-permanent seat of the UN Security Council is the greatest diplomatic success of the country. As an Italian journalist and analyst Andrea Marchilyano noticed that the Central Asian state has earned such global trust for the first time ever. According to the expert, each of the members of the Council shall be responsible for security in the region. From now on, Kazakhstan will have an opportunity to advance their peace initiative at the highest level for the sake of stability and growth in Asia.




Kazakhstan, for example, is a communication center. Oil and gas pipelines, railways from China to the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean are running through the territory of Kazakhstan. Tribune of the Security Council will allow Kazakhstan to speak about it, to promote this subject, because it is also a question of security even more than a question of engineering. Kazakhstan can promote the policy in that direction.



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