Eight new enterprises have been launched during the national teleconference with the participation of the President of Kazakhstan. Projects are implemented under the second five-year program of industrialization at the expense of private investment, loans of commercial banks and development institutions. Nursultan Nazarbayev looked at each of the plants through a huge monitor transmitted directly from the regions of the country. In addition, participants of the event summed up the results of industrialization. The presidential program was originally divided into five-year plans. Over the period, Kazakhstan witnessed a huge construction, modernized factories, modern highways and power plants. In the second stage, new industries are being created in Kazakhstan.




We began to produce a large range of local products, varying from locomotives and cars to clothing and medicines. I was particularly pleased with products of the light industry, manufacturing of toys, children's clothing, men's and women's clothing. It began to be revived under the brand Made in Kazakhstan which is already becoming increasingly popular in the market.


Eight new enterprises launched during nationwide teleconference


Employees need not only a permanent job, but also affordable housing. The President instructed the responsible structures-foundations and holding companies to construct more low-cost real estate. Also at the ceremonial launch of the enterprises Nursultan Nazarbayev pointed out the major issues that the ministers must pay attention to.




The growth of incomes of the population is the main issue. It should be of the main priority for the implementation of all our programs. Expensive imported goods need to be substituted with domestic products, which we have seen at the exhibition.


Eight new enterprises launched during nationwide teleconference


The Government will work jointly with Governors of regions to expand the presence of Kazakhstani products to international markets. To do this the Cabinet of Ministers need to focus on five key areas - food production, agriculture, mechanical engineering, metallurgy and petrochemicals. The Head of State has also emphasized that Kazakhstan citizens need to start their own business which should be a matter of one day. For this purpose, the President instructed the Government to facilitate the acquisition of start-up capital and expand micro lending.


Kazakhstan launches production of toys, children’s clothes and medicines


Before the meeting, Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the exhibition of domestic products "Made in Kazakhstan". The newly introduced products include toys, clothes for babies, new medicines and food. The emergence of new products is directly related to launching the companies as part of industrialization map.


Photo: www.radikal.kz

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