Government share in economy to be reduced threefold by 2020 - Kazakh TV

The government will reduce its share in the economy up to 15% by 2020. Kazakh Minister of Finance announced this on Monday, at a meeting with the population. According to Bakhyt Sultanov, 274 facilities had already passed to private hands in the amount of 82.5 billion tenge. At the same time, companies have earned the major part - 67 billion tenge. Especially large and attractive facilities, which entered the top 65, are sold to private hands under a special scheme. International independent consultants are attracted with this aim. A Road Map is developed for each facility. Auctions take place at an electronic platform. Everyone can see the results, as well as the prices and features of facilities. The conditions are similar for all participants.




Today, trading platform functionality is extended. Through the portal any property that was received by the state, for example, confiscated, is sold in addition to the state property as well as bankrupt’s assets, and the property is leased. There are more than 18 thousand participants on the site. Private business, entrepreneurs use platform selling own property there. Thus, the Ministry of Finance from this position contributes to the development of competition and entrepreneurship. 



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