Kazakhstan as a member of the United Nations has been ratifying a number of international documents since 1992, which means taking on a number of new commitments the implementation of which must take place in the national legal system. It supposes, first of all, the implementation of international standards. And in this regard, it is particularly important to train highly qualified specialists capable of solving the issues of legal security and regulatory issues of foreign policy and foreign economic activity. "Sorbonne-Kazakhstan" Institute was opened in Almaty on the basis of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University in 2014. Calie Recodo de Jong from France, a visiting lecturer of Sorbonne-Kazakhstan University, told Kazakh TV about her experience of teaching here.




Sorbonne-Kazakhstan University, which is called actually ISK was created in 2013 with the cooperation of the two presidents, the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and the President of France Francois Hollande. Actually he came 2 years ago to open officially this Institute of ISK. The importance is just to improve the relationship between the two countries, Kazakhstan and France, and to include French in the international law, in the international relations, in the business management for a bachelors and master’s degrees for the students of Kazakhstan.


Very important question and very interesting as well. The French language has many levels based on the European Union from A1-the beginners and C2-the independent one, when one can deliver a speech, for example, in auditorium. In the bachelors when they come here and if, for example, they are interested in joining ISK, they can come even if they dont have any level in French. So they can start with the French language A1 level here as a bachelors students. So they can come. When they are at masters, they should have B2 level which is really good, it can be independent level. So from A1 to B2 from bachelors to master’s degree. 


So in three or four years they go from no level to independent level when they can draft a report, for example, they write a report and they can present that to French teachers from Sorbonne Paris Cité who come here often to give courses.


And I would like to add also that for the bachelors in international law after the third course, they receive certificate delivered by Université Sorbonne Paris Cité in France, but also they can continue in Paris- Sorbonne in Paris, in France their studies for best students. Best students may go to France. And this is really a bonus for students in Kazakhstan. So I think, you know, having this opportunity is really one of the best things for Kazakh students.


Photo: sorbonne.kaznpu.kz

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