The fight for the state prize in literature and art is entering a decisive phase. In the coming months the names of its owners will be announced. Dozens of works by authors who have made a significant contribution to the development of the country are under consideration by the Commission. All these works recommended by competent organizations and the task of the commission members is to select the most deserving candidates. Almaty hosted the first meeting of the Commission for awarding the prize chaired by Secretary of State Gulshara Abydkalikova. A secret ballot was held after consideration of works, and list of bidders is approved by joint decision. Their names will be placed on the pages of national newspapers for open discussion in society.




The prize should be awarded for outstanding work, which can be rightly attributed to the number of advanced in the field of literature and art who have received recognition in society and have become part of the spiritual - cultural heritage of the nation. The idea of patriotism and love for our homeland Kazakhstan should be clearly traced in it.



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