Nursultan Nazarbayev and Xi Jinping agreed on new opportunities of economic cooperation during a bilateral meeting in Tashkent. The sides drew attention to the high potential of partnerships in the field of transport and communications, in particular the close relation of the program "Nurly Zhol" to the project "Silk Road". The parties noted the need for further development of transport corridors passing through the territory of the two countries. In addition, the two leaders agreed to further long-term cooperation in the agro sector. Also Nursultan Nazarbayev and Xi Jinping discussed the key areas of cooperation between Kazakhstan and China under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and exchanged views on a number of aspects of the regional and international agenda.




I want to tell you that all the 25 years of our independence every day, every year we have strengthened our trust, good neighborly relations with China. And we will always continue this policy. We are neighbors, and we feel a great support of China over the years, for which I am grateful. Taking this opportunity, I want to congratulate you on the upcoming 95th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party under the leadership of which China has reached today's heights and aims to bring China into the front ranks of the most developed and  great nations of the world.




We will always support the people of Kazakhstan on the way of development; we support Kazakhstan's efforts to protect the stability and development of their country. We must always be sure in a strategic, long-term plan for our cooperation.



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