The Shanghai Cooperation Organization founded by leaders of Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, is a permanent intergovernmental international organization. Declaration on the establishment of the SCO was signed in Shanghai June 15, 2001. The Organization aims at the strengthening of mutual trust, friendship and good neighborliness, promoting effective cooperation in political, trade-economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres. Over past 15 years, Kazakhstan takes active participation in the SCO work. Candidate of economic sciences, Head of Department at the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies Zhanat Zakieva commented on the activities of Kazakhstan within the SCO.




All the activities of the SCO are based on three components: security, economic and trade cooperation as well as energy cooperation. All these years Kazakhstan is actively involved in all the projects of the SCO, and develops cooperation with China on a bilateral basis. At present, issues on linking SCO project activities with the economic belt of the Silk Road are being considered. China offered the initiative to develop the infrastructure of the entire region, which will connect China, Europe, the Caucasus and South Asia. Central Asia and Kazakhstan is in the midst. In this context, participation in these projects provides a unique opportunity for Kazakhstan to develop transit-transport sector, because this year the construction of the transport corridor ‘Western Europe - Western China’ is nearing completion. It is planned to construct rail corridors that will connect China and Central Asian countries through the territory of Kazakhstan. The country is also developing cooperation in the energy sector. Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan – Kazakhstan - China gas pipeline is operating well, as well as the Atasu - Alashankou oil pipeline. In the future Kazakhstan will develop transport and energy infrastructure. Thus, Kazakhstan's participation in the SCO allows developing such sectors of the economy, as the transit transport sector, including trade and service. I would like to draw attention to the development of the financial sector, because Kazakhstan is participating in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Silk Road Fund. Given the development of the Astana International Financial Centre, Kazakhstan will get a huge incentive for the development of the financial sector of the country. 



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