Senators of Kazakhstan adopted a law suspending the operation of certain provisions of the Land Code. In particular - for foreigners to rent agricultural land. The head of state declared a moratorium on certain norms of the Land Code before December 31. In turn, as noted by the Vice Minister of Agriculture Erlan Nysanbaev the work of specially created commission on land reform will continue. So, during the few months its members intend to visit all regions to hold the maximum possible number of public meetings and make proposals. After that, the Ministry of Agriculture will make final conclusions.




Today, there are 14 call centers. We received more than 10 thousand questions. In general, about 80% - on 10 acres, 5-6% - land reforms. And we must understand that the land issue in the mass, according to statistics, occupies a small part. But, nevertheless, there is a small separation of opinions. We now need to conduct outreach to explain the rules that exist.



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