National museum of Kazakhstan celebrates ‘Nauryz Duman’ - Kazakh TV

Theatrical performance dedicated to "Nauryz" was held at the National Museum of Kazakhstan. The theatrical performance showed the audience Kazakh national customs and traditions. In addition, to the visitors of the museum were presented one of the symbols of the coming "Nauryz" - "zholterek". Today, experts call it the gold of the Turkic world. In ancient times, the construction was installed in the central areas, squares and near houses. Gifts, souvenirs and toys were placed under it.




Usually "shanyrak", which was of great importance, was installed on the on the frame of “zholterek".  Various ribbons, bands - "baular", which symbolized the arrival of a new, and the striving for the best, were hung on “shanyrak”. Necessarily, these bands were colored with seven species of colorings. The skeleton of "zholterek" was rimmed by a lasso.



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