Foreign workers from more than 100 countries arrive in Kazakhstan to find employment, this has been reported by vice-Minister for Healthcare and Social Development Birjan Nurymbetov during a round table discussion on migration issues in Central Asia, Kazinform reports.


"Today, Kazakhstan, like many countries, applies a system of quota and issuance of work permits," noted B. Nurymbetov.

According to his words, Kazakhstan employs foreign specialists from more than 100 countries worldwide, mainly from China, Turkey and India.

"In spite of a policy aimed at attracting highly skilled labor, Kazakhstan also employs unskilled workers. Last year Kazakhstan employed 141 000 foreign workers from the CIS countries," said B. Nurymbetov.

At the same time, the country has illegal labor migration. Uncontrolled illegal migration tends to create economic and social problems, both for the country and for the workers themselves. In particular, illegal labor works in trade, construction and agriculture sectors.


Photo: kazinform

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