2,900 more flats to be commissioned under state program this year - Kazakh TV

This year, people in the waiting list in Almaty will receive 2,900 flats within the state programs – it is by 100 flats more than last year. As noted at the briefing in the Central Communication Service the mayor of the city, today there are more than 25 thousand people in the waiting list. Other important social issues are being solved in Almaty. According to the mayor, Almaty residents paid monthly from 27 to 38 thousand tenge for meals in kindergartens. To subsidize part of the cost, the local budget will allocate 3 billion tenge. Thus, the amount of payment for meals for the parents in Almaty will total 15 thousand tenge. Funds from the budget will cover more than 17 thousand children, mostly from vulnerable groups. Also the price of bread for these social groups will subsidized from the local budget. 60 million tenge will be allocated for this. Bauyrzhan Baibek commented on the issue of the notorious system of electronic tolls ‘Onay’. After its introduction in public transport payment with cash and travel cards were canceled.



Tomorrow in maslikhat if its members would support the idea, we will make a decision that travel cards will be restored. Children up to 7 years travel for free, school-age children will buy monthly tickets for 1,000 tenge, pensioners – 2,000 tenge, and this category did not include mothers with many children, they could be given a 50% discount, which will be subsidized from the local budget and 2,000 tenge for mothers of large families. Also 3,000 tenge for students. The most important thing is that before we didn’t include persons with disabilities, persons with disabilities of the 1 and 2 group, war veterans and people equated to them – they will travel for free in the city. It will cost the local budget a large sum.


The city mayor also told about the economic situation in the city. So, today 15% of all small and medium enterprises in Kazakhstan are concentrated in Almaty. Thus, each sixth out of 10 Almaty residents is engaged in SMEs. Last year alone, the share of gross regional product of the city totaled the fifth part of the total GDP, and revenues to the national budget exceeded one trillion 363 billion tenge. The volume of industrial production amounted to over 646 billion tenge. In addition, this year another 10 facilities of industrialization worth 38 billion tenge will be commissioned in Almaty.



In addition, Industrial Zone in Alatau district is developing in the city; we have a lot of annexed territories. Over the past 5 years, the territory of the city increased by 2 times. That is why it is important to create jobs. And today 39 industries worth more than 311 billion tenge have been approved in Alatau district.


Construction of the Universiade 2017 facilities is well under way. To date, settlement of gas supply to the ice arena seating 3,000 people is completed, a training rink and swimming pool of large ice arena for 12 thousand people launched.

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