Nursultan Nazarbayev gave an interview to journalists of the national TV channels. The President responded to a number of important issues that concern every citizen of Kazakhstan.


In this interview Nazarbayev summed up the main results of the year. It started with the most actual topic - the situation around the difficult relationship between Russia and Turkey. The leader of Kazakhstan, as an experienced politician believes a compromise is needed.



We have close relationships as with Russia as with Turkey. I tried to get closer, it does not benefit anyone. If there is a common sense –to solve this situation is needed, it is the interests of both countries and Kazakhstan too.


During the hour of the air time Nursultan Nazarbayev told about his attitude to the personnel changes, and what will be with savings of Kazakhstan. Nursultan Nazarbayev has made it clear that the current composition of the government is chosen and exactly this composition will have to bring the country out of the crisis and implement the conceived reforms. 



There is a category of people who are interested only in who will be dismissed from the post and who will be appointed instead, like if this will change something.  I want to say according to my own great life experience - the succession is always needed. Therefore, in my work I always try to make succession possible. But our government consist mostly of the young people, 40 years old, you all probably know them: Dossayev, Issekeshev. And this process will continue – for what have we been taught “Bolashak” graduates.


In general, the Government has now a pile of urgent matters. Therefore the change of government is out of the question, the President said. Here, for example, the Cabinet is puzzled with the transfer of pension assets to private companies. The President explained why the government decided to entrust once again the accumulations of Kazakhstani to private owners. Pension funds should not be used for lending of the economy. And the National Bank has other more ambitious goals - they need to organize the work of an international financial center.



It will be a contract of government with this owner-driver who is committed to work effectively and to multiply the money and that the government will monitor his work. Therefore, I think it is not necessary to worry. The state's task is to ensure the safety. And secondly, pension funds, I have instructed not to use as the credits for all businesses, only the government for the budget deficit may use it, because the state is 100 percent responsible for them.


The head of state showed on his personal example what is expected from all Kazakhstani civil servants. The head of state provided two funds with 600 thousand dollars in order to help children with serious illnesses. These funds Nursultan Nazarbayev has received as a fee for the World Prize "Silk Road".



Strong emotions I experienced when the money which I allocated helped to improve the health of the kids. I saw the tears of joy in the eyes of the mothers of these children. The child, who could not speak, now is able to talk.

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