44 projects were implemented as part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program in the Pavlodar region. Development of the Kazakh language and popularization of national values are one of the projects implemented in the region. Last summer, an expedition led by youngsters visited the holy places of the region. The holy places include the Mashkhur Zhusip Kopeyev mausoleum in Bayanauyl district; the mausoleum constructed for preacher Isabek Ishan in the Akkol Zhaiylma tract and the Estai Berkimbayev mausoleum in the Aktogai district. Travelers have developed tourist routes and share stories of the holy sites with people in social media. Victoria Kamaletdinova is fluent in Kazakh and interested in the history of her native land. She said that the Modernization of Public Consciousness program is an opportunity to learn about historical and cultural values. Today, twice a month, the locals can watch free of charge best movies from the Kazakh film archives in cinemas.   


 - Students and youngsters are involved in the project. After watching these films they discuss about the director’s goal to shoot the film. We try to evaluate their historical and cultural significance. We listen to opinions, conduct interviews and accomplish the main goal of our project.

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