Southern Kazakhstan is full of historical monuments. The region’s 104 most significant facilities entered the Map of Sacral places of Kazakhstan. The Yskak Baba mausoleum in the Sozak desert was included into the sacred heritage category. The history of this monument dates back to the 8th century. After the death of the theologian, a stone house was built over his grave. First, the mosque was constructed but it was destroyed and then the mausoleum was built. The necropolis stands on ruins of the fortress of the Balaja ancient city, which was a trade center of the Great Silk Road in the 6th and 8th centuries.


 - Various artifacts were found right here on the site of the former city. The artifacts include broken parts of a jug, stone-age weapons and weapons made of iron from the Iron Age.

The locals found valuable exhibits in the museum of the regional center. In total, the South Kazakhstan region has more than 1200 historical monuments.

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