The Modernization of Public Consciousness museum was opened in Kazakhstan for the first time. The museum is placed in the old two-story mansion of Uralsk. The building of the museum is an architectural monument designed in the Moorish style at the end of the 19th century. The exposition halls feature 500 exhibits which convey not only about the history of the Urals, but also about the country.


 - The Modernization of Public Consciousness program: the concerts that take place abroad introduce our culture more profoundly. Now a museum is opened, our maecenas have decided to do it and it pleases. We should not forget our past because without the past there is no future.

The creation of the museum took the entire year. There are 4 open halls with unique exhibits. Unique documents and findings convey about the success of sovereign Kazakhstan, the intellectuals of the early 20th century as well as the history of the first newspapers in the country. Many of the presented facilities were included in the list of the ‘Sacral Geography’ project.


 - The newspaper titled "Kazakhstan" was first published in Uralsk and in the Horde in 1911-1913.  The region’s intellectuals took part in the creation of the newspaper, including Russian and Tatar intellectuals. Therefore, in the history hall of the periodicals, we want to show the strong unity and agreement existing in society.

As part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program three historically significant projects are planned for the next year. For instance, the open-air museum on the site of the Zhaiyk medieval settlement is expected. 

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