Kaldybek Seidanov writes about the friendship of the two fraternal peoples, the Kazakh and the Uzbek, for more than half a century. The Uzbek author has published about seven hundred articles on the topic of cultural relations between the countries of Central Asia and the Turkic-speaking peoples. Kaldybek Seidanov believes that the interaction of the  prominent figures of the two peoples such as Auezov and Aibek, Mukanov and Gulam, Tazhibayev and Mirtemir is one of the evidence of the words of the Kazakh President about the roots of spiritual modernization.


 - The Kazakhs and the Uzbeks are fraternal peoples who share common roots. Revival of this friendship is the most urgent issue for poets, writers and literary critics of both countries. I think we should attach special importance to this. "Friendship is more precious than gold, higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea." Therefore, you need to appreciate and cherish it.

The oral folk art and ideas of the great scientists and figures of the two peoples are reflected in the works of Kaldybek Saidanov. The writer, who had been always exalting the friendship of countries, also speaks about the importance of educating the younger generation. The author wrote five textbooks for Kazakh youth in Uzbekistan. Tuition is conducted in the Kazakh language in about 400 secondary schools in Uzbekistan.


 - All necessary conditions for studying are created. School students received all necessary textbooks. Our school is provided with modern technical support.

Kaldybek Seidanov, the recognized writer of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, believes that the friendship between the two countries will become even stronger - this is promoted by the far-sighted policy of the heads of state.

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