Domestic researchers found a musical composition. The kui was dedicated to holy places in the Suzak district of the South Kazakhstan region. For a long time the melody was forgotten. Now it will be included into the national heritage fund. According to the Kazakh culture experts, despite the richness and variety of the vocal and instrumental art of the Kazakh people, a number of compositions by kuishi and zhyrau of the past centuries are unknown to the common public. As part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program, scientists decided to fill this knowledge. They went to remote villages and worked with local residents to restore the forgotten compositions. During the expedition to South Kazakhstan, they managed to find the 40 unknown kuis and 20 lyrical works. Next year, the researchers intend to head to trips to other parts of the country. The scientists believe that their discoveries will give impetus to the revival of the spiritual heritage and will help the people of Kazakhstan better study history of their country.


 - In our opinion, these kuis are the true wealth. In the future, we plan to publish a book, a special disk and create a collection. We will create a musical collection and prepare explanations of each work. In the future, based on these findings scientific works and dissertations will be realized.

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