“Modernization of Public Consciousness” was discussed at the Kazakh culture center in Berlin - Kazakh TV

President’s program article “Modernization of Public Consciousness” was discussed at the Kazakh culture center in Berlin. The discussion was attended by Kazakh students studying in Germany. Counselor, ambassador of Kazakhstan to Germany Denis Rogov told about the goals of Modernization of public consciousness program. Master’s and PhD students noted the historical importance of the initiatives outlined by the Kazakh President. According to them, such projects, as well as ‘Tugan Zher’ program, will help to preserve identity and culture of Kazakh people. Participants have also noted the importance of the transition of the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin script.


 - It is necessary to take more advantageous positions in the world, become more competitive as a nation. To achieve this, a nation should have some historical, cultural and spiritual foundation. In this regard, I appreciate such programs as ‘Tugan Yel’, ‘100 new faces’ and ‘100 books’ translated into Kazakh language.


 - I support the transition to the Latin script. Why? Because it has some advantages. For instance, the new alphabet will be convenient in IT because the Latin script is used in developing IT programs. The most important thing, I believe, is that it will facilitate in learning English language.

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