An international festival of ethnic cultures titled The Spirit of Desht-I-Kipchak was held in Astana.  A unique event united talents from almost 40 countries. The best solo performers, choreographic, vocal and instrumental groups arrived in the Kazakh capital. Creative competition was held within the framework of the "Modernization of Public Consciousness" program. The purpose of the competition is to popularize the national culture, language and history.



 - There will be three grand prizes in three nominations, also first, second and third places. Grand Prize will include an honorary diploma and valuable gifts, including, the monetary premium at a rate of 3000 dollars. The first place - 1500 dollars, the second - 1000 dollars and the third 750 dollars. In addition, we have a prize of audience sympathy. There is a prize of two funds.


A total of 100 people took part in the competition. In the first round, the participants performed Kazakh folk music, and in the second round, they presented the culture of their native countries. The contestants were evaluated by famous artists of Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Great Britain and Great Britain.



- For two years in a row, I’m participating in this festival. I came with military numbers, my own performance. This year we are three professional dancers, we are dancing the Kazakh number. Also warlike. We hope to please.


Three festival days were held in the atmosphere of true friendship and creative freedom. According to the organizers, the competition helps strengthen the interethnic relations between Kazakhstan and other countries and is an effective platform for intercultural exchange.

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