Kyzylorda scientists invented a know-how that turns the plant waste into a useful raw material. The researchers suggest making activated carbon from rice husks. The innovative project will help to prevent environmental pollution. Nearly 500,000 tonnes of rice have been harvested in the Aral region this season. One fifth of this volume is the rice processing waste.


 - Alloys of expensive metals are used as catalysts in many industries nowadays. They are expensive even in small quantities. The technology developed by us reduces expenditures by thousand times. It is based on activated carbon. We place nanoparticles of catalyst on it, and obtain activated carbon from rice waste.

Activated carbon is widely used not only in medicine, chemistry, but also in industry. It is used in special masks and respirators. At present, Kyzylorda scholars are waiting for approval and funding for their innovative development from the Science Committee.


 - Coal coke is used to extract metals from ore. It is obtained from coal and oil waste. We want to find application for rice waste in this area. We are planning to achieve good results.

The development of Kyzylorda scientists is very cost-effective. If activated carbon has been obtained from wood, then the know-how allows the use of cheap raw materials, moreover, there are more than enough reserves of it in the region.

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