Kazakhstan adopts the Finnish experience in energy industry. Astana hosted a specialized Kazakhstan-Finland forum where representatives of various companies took part. The participants spoke about the Finnish model of efficient energy consumption. Today Finland is the world leader in this area. As a result of the forum, the Astana mayor’s office and the Finnish Energy Club signed a memorandum of cooperation, which will allow domestic specialists to gain access to innovative technologies of Finland.


- They have the same centralized system of heat supply and transmission of electricity which we also have. But efficiency and indicators are completely different in terms of energy costs. So we want to share experie nces. However, this doesnt mean that Finland can offer something for sale. We talk about know-how and knowledge transfer. We will organize joint training seminars and visits of Kazakh companies to Finland so that they can look at the site and see how it works.

According to experts, examining the Finnish experience in the energy industry will allow Kazakhstan to enter the 30 most developed countries in the world.

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