Georgian scientists claim that the EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan is an encyclopedia of alternative energy development. They carefully observe what is happening at the exhibition and projects submitted by other countries. Experts believe that a lot of interesting and unusual ideas can be found at the expo.



- I follow the expo thoroughly because the future energy theme is very important for the modern world and of course, for me, for a scientist. There are a lot of interesting pavilions of different countries and each one stands out with something special. There are many ideas that I find useful for my work. I believe that the expo is an intensive exchange of experience in Kazakhstan and it is Kazakhstan’s invaluable contribution to the development of this industry in international scale.


The theme of the EXPO 2017 chosen by Kazakhstan is up to date, especially when the world is running out of its natural resources. This opinion is voiced by a British expert George Smith who shared his observations.



 - I think from old times the expo is a benefit to any country for development not just of tourism but also allows the wider global audience to actually experience the facilities, the expertise that the country has to offer and I think the President taking the initiative of hosting expo and developing wonderful site in Astana has been a great benefit to Kazakhstan. I haven’t seen any of the tourist numbers yet but I would be very interested to see those.

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