The Aral Sea innovators are integrating science into production. Specialists of the design bureau of one of the Kyzylorda companies have developed a unique system for automatic control of oil wells. Currently, the system is passing the last test on one of the acting wells. As the authors of the project note, the smart system will cut energy costs from 80 kilowatts to 55, reduce emergency risks to a minimum and increase productivity. In addition, the intellectual product of the Kyzylorda innovators is a way cheaper than foreign analogues. Low cost will ensure the use of domestic components. The share of the Kazakh maintenance is 54%. According to experts, know-how will ensure constant monitoring, increase oil production, reduce watering of wells and save money on operating costs up to five million tenge per year.



 - The latest management technology has a number of advantages. The main ones are the ability of a system to adjust to changing inflow, to use periodic operation mode and determine a dynamic level of the wells. The mathematical model can calculate malfunctions. This doubles the overhaul period of equipment, reduces downtime and maintenance costs.


The region’s enterprises are already interested in this production. 50 stations of this kind will operate in the Kyzylorda region by the end of this year. The high-tech project is a winner of the regional round of the Best Goods of Kazakhstan contest and the project will be showcased at the exhibition. The design office is already working on a new development, which is aimed at efficiency and growth of competitiveness of domestic enterprises.

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