EXPO 2017 is featuring an epic 3D show. It is a breakthrough in the history of symphonic orchestra. A special concert named ‘Energy of Sound’ is being held at the Congress Center located in the exhibition’s territory. The large-scale show is led by violinist and conductor Marat Bissengaliyev.

World famous musician, Marat Bissengaliyev, who had performed on the most prestigious stages, invited prominent virtuosos to make the show unforgettable. They included British composer Karl Jenkins, talented stage directors from the UK and Russia, genius musician Abzal Arykbayev, ‘Turan’ and ‘Alem’ ensembles and Kazakhstani ‘Duet L’, as well as the brainchild of Maestro Bissengaliev – the Symphonic Orchestra of Almaty.



 - Musicians and the choir were ready to perform complicated arrangements, stunts and other unusual things, to fly above the stage. The very idea was to make the orchestra fluid, so that it flew around the stage, and at the same time performance was live. It is very difficult. I did not expect it to be so difficult.


The fascinating music of the ‘Energy of Sound’ was complemented with the visual that enhanced spectator’s impressions.    

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