Israeli musicians won the hearts of the audiences at the EXPO 2017. Israeli pavilion visitors enjoyed inspiring jazz variations played by Yogev Shetrit band. The trio performed author compositions, which reflected the motifs of traditional North African, Andalusian and Mediterranean music. Israeli jazz has touched the hearts of the audience.



 - Foundation of the project was in. Since 2016 we perform all over Israel. I play drums and I compose all the music of my concert. My parents are from Morocco so I am very influenced from the Moroccan music and also there is a lot of influence in Jewish music, Israel music and jazz and combine them all together and this is my music.


After the concert, a giant 12 meter LED screen welcomed visitors at Israeli pavilion. It showed a spectacular video about ‘The Country of Energy’ and ‘Energy of Creation’.



 - Our pavilion represents the spirit of the people of Israel. The spirit of the people of Israel is based on a very ancient history and based on this ancient history we could have developed this new society of Israel of the present and our pavilion shows exactly this. We have an infinity room which is something very unique, we have a live dance that represents the spirit of people of Israel. Visitors have come to our pavilion.


According to Israeli expo pavilion commissioner, two more concerts will be held in August as part of the cultural program. They will feature both traditional music and compositions from the Eastern European repertoire.  

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