EXPO 2017 is an opportunity to learn about advanced technologies in alternative energy of the participating countries. Tajikistan shared its vision of the future in the Silk Road pavilion. 93% of the country’s territory is occupied by mountains, approximately half of which are 3,000 meters high. In addition, Tajikistan is located at the major rivers’ sources since 60 % of water resources in Central Asia are formed in the mountains of this country. The pavilion showcases the country’s achievements in hydropower of which the state highly expects. One kilowatt of electricity costs only 2 cents, which is about 6,5 tenge. Therefore, the provision of cheap electricity to the country’s nearest neighbors is planned.



- We see that the energy sector can become a catalyst and engine of economic development not only in our country, but also in the region as a whole. First, it is necessary to earn from the electricity export. Secondly, we supply our neighbors with cheap energy. Our neighbors usually burn heavy fuel, coal, gas and oil in order to get power, so we propose to replace the cheap energy in the summer. It saves money, benefits environment and has other advantages.


Ukraine presented many interesting innovations at EXPO 2017. Renewable energy quickly turns into business which is accessible for everyone in the country. Sometimes it is more profitable to produce energy than to engage in agriculture. For example, recently, scientists invented and patented a solar energy collector which is useful to heat large volumes of water.



- We propose energetic plants which produce raw materials for heating. We supply them to Europe and we are ready to share. A set of measures is being implemented in Ukraine in order to increase the share of alternative energy. Therefore, the exhibition is very interesting to us, but the scale of our participation is very small and doesn’t correspond to other 77 countries. Nevertheless, we want to use this platform to get better results.


This is how the collector of water heater looks like. These mirrors move behind the sun and direct solar power to one point, a pipe where water is heated. The device's power is 8 kilowatts. In total, Ukraine has presented more than 80 proposals.

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