Nur Alem sphere became the most visited expo pavilion. Various forms of energy generation are demonstrated on the eight levels of the unique building.

Visitors can enjoy a fascinating 15 minutes show of Cirque Bijou where artists demonstrate various stunts and full scale of human’s capabilities.



 - It comes with the movements continuously so, we use the wheel and push and the speed, everything altogether to make the tricks. We have practiced for six months before I started and I have been doing it for seven years now. I like Kazakhstan. Its a beautiful country, beautiful views.


On the third floor of Nur Alem pavilion, visitors can see how the kinetics of the human body and various mechanisms generate energy. In total, seven expositions tell about the history of energy generation starting from the 17-18 centuries until now.



 - I will tell you about the Twike electric car. It is a hybrid; there is a motor inside... which generates electricity from spinning the pedals. It’s like a bicycle, spin the pedals and reach a speed of 85 kilometers per hour. This is an environmentally friendly car in fact. There is a battery and a generator inside. If the battery is fully charged the car can run 613 kilometers without your effort.


Nur Alem pavilion offers interactive games that involve visitors in power generation competition. Visitors divide in two teams and spin the pedals that generate electricity. The winner is the one who generates more electricity.

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