EXPO 2017 is comfortable and convenient for kids. Young visitors can enjoy the rich program which is designed specifically for them. The exhibition is based on the kids-friendly principal. The expo territory is safe so visitors can come with baby carriages and there is a play ground. The entertainment park occupies a field of a hectare in size. Children can see solar powered planes that need to be charged beforehand. Children can learn a lot on the playground.



 - The expo site is very interesting. On the slides, you have to climb up, go to the top to roll down the hill.  Well, you climb and this becomes your victory.

 - It is very scary inside the Nur Alem sphere because I was afraid to fall down. When you go up and down, it's very scary.

 - I have an EXPO medal. "How did you get it?" - At the concert. “What did you do?” - I sang. I was given a medal.


2 year-old children can enter the EXPO kids’ territory. There are no further restrictions on age which means that parents can also climb up the hill.



 - I think that Kazakhstan has no analogues of such installed equipment. Both children and parents are happy. Some people visit for the third and forth time just because of the children's park.


Children can acquire new knowledge by playing and exploring the world at the exhibition. In fact, the expo is a large museum where everyone can touch the exhibits. For example, there are interactive water energy installation in the Kazakh pavilion.



 - Anyone can create own dam here, that is, to install locks and try to pass water along a certain path. Many children try it. They are trying to understand the principle of how hydroelectric dams operate.


Every pavilion  has something for children. The Uzbek pavilion has several developments children liked. Students and schoolchildren created these LEGO designs.



 - We need to score a goal. It is simple. The ball must be pushed so the  goal is scored. Goal! It is automatically counted and controlled by Wifi. There are a special module and lithium batteries.


Visitors ride bicycles and become a source of energy in the Austrian, German and Kazakh pavilions. Cartoon characters and robots welcome visitors at South Korean pavilion that tells about future energy. Bejo circus artists perform several times a day in the kinetic hall of the Nur Alem pavilion. The Wheel of Death performance is interesting for both children and adults. Children of all ages are very interested in scientific museums, experimental laboratories, smart attractions and educational shows.

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