EXPO 2017 is not only a demonstration of the leading green energy developments but also a place where culture and traditions of each participating country are showcased. The U.S. National Day was held at the international exhibition. The organizers presented a spectacular show that had a hint of the Kazakh flavor and emphasized the friendly relations between the Kazakhs and Americans. American student Grace Garrett sang Dudarai Kazakh folk song and played a Hawaiian instrument. She started learning Kazakh a year ago to better understand the meaning of the songs she loved. According to Grace, Kazakh has a special beauty. Grace also sang "Aittym salem Kalamkas" and “Kozimnіn karasy.”  



- I like singing in the Kazakh language because it has many vowels and they are different than in English. They are beautiful and the letters «ғ, «қ» sound unusual. I think that sometimes words have direct meanings. They sound unusual as well.  

Visitors enjoyed the performance of Bluegrass Survivors band that played violin, banjo, acoustic guitar, mandolin and double bass. Their music is based on Irish, Scottish and English traditional music. Bluegrass Survivors and Kazakh musicians performed a mix of Kazakh and American compositions demonstrating a harmonious synthesis of dombyra, guitar and kobyz.  



- We wanted to show that a mixture of cultures and music can produce something incredible and absolutely new.  

Special guest of the US Embassy, singer, Maya Azucena performed at the show. She has won various music awards and is the laureate of the MTV Award.

She is often called the cultural ambassador because her songs can touch the hearts and souls of completely different people, in different countries and on different continents.  



- This is my first visit to Astana and to Kazakhstan. I am so pleased to be here. I’m so thankful that the U.S. Embassy allowed me to be a part of this special event. I am from the USA, New York city, Brooklyn specifically, I love that. I make music all around the world and my desire is to make music that allows people to feel empowered and free and to feel encouraged to be their greatest potential. I will absolutely be collaborating with Kazakhstani musicians and singers. We are going to be doing duets and combining traditional Kazakhstani instruments along with my original pop, soul, hip-hop music.

American students performed the Kamazhai Kazakh national dance. Besides the concert, expo visitors got to watch a spectacular parade of bikers, cheerleaders, mariners and drummers.

The theme of the American expo pavilion is "infinite energy." It consists of three halls:" A Room Full of Energy ", "Energy of life" and "Post-show zone". Visitors watch video clips on three synchronized screens urging everyone to implement the most desired dreams.  



- We believe that people are the source of infinite energy, not the Sun, wind or water but the people. This was true in the past and will be so in the future. The Expo’s "Future Energy" theme is the future of mankind and therefore it is the theme of our pavilion.  

Alternative energy like the Sun or the wind energy is much cheaper than nuclear, coal and gas in the United States, even without government subsidies. The number of jobs in "green" energy has been growing 12 times faster than other sectors for several years now.  



- Kazakhstan is awesome. I'm very happy to be here. You have a beautiful country. The US promotes new energy, energy of the future in every sphere, we have windmills, I would say, in every state.  


According to American Expo Pavilion Commissioner and U.S. ambassador to Kazakhstan George Krol, Kazakhstan, like America, has set high goals both for itself and for humanity since its independence. EXPO 2017 became a real reflection of this goal. The United States and Kazakhstan are strategic partners in many areas, including the energy sector, where American companies have always been and remain active participants. According to the ambassador, this cooperation will only deepen in the future. 

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