An inventor from Shymkent offers to launch the production of domestic wind-solar generators of a unique design that adjust to local climatic conditions. Economist Maksat Zholdasov invented a device that transforms energy of the wind and the sun, and decorates the landscape.

The device looks like a bud of a tulip with blades  in the form of petals, which transform and accumulate energy. According to the author, the device is environmentally safe. It is made of light plastic and works without noise. The 2.5 meters high device can produce up to 2 kilowatts per hour. This is enough to constantly supply electricity to a large house.



 - This device will provide additional electricity and unload our power nets. The remained electricity can be supplied to neighboring settlements, villages and small farms that will be able to consume cheaper electricity.

According to Maksat Zholdasov, traditional wind generators cannot fully work in local weather conditions. They produce energy only at a wind speed of 5 to 25 meters per second. This device has larger range. It can work in calm and hurricane conditions. The brake system secures device in strong winds.



 - These installations rotate in any direction of the wind. These installations can adjust the wind, that is, direct it exactly where you want.

The project will pay off almost twice faster than foreign counterparts, the author says. Now he is looking for partners to implement the idea and is planning to get a patent for an invention.

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